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Individuals in Transition

You want good relationships.

You want a relationship where you can show up as your true self and be valued for all that you are. But it has not worked that way. Despite your best efforts and the sacrifices you have made pouring yourself into your relationships, you end up feeling exhausted, heartbroken, and taken for granted.

You long for an intimate, safe relationship that will stand the test of time.

You want real love.

Whether you are in an unsatisfying relationship, in the midst of a painful breakup, or are feeling the loneliness of being between relationships, there is hope.

How I can help you through life’s challenges

You can’t control other people or their choices, but you can –

Bring your best self to a relationship.

Learn the skills of having a great relationship.

Set boundaries that keep you from giving too much.

Know what is too much that sets you up to be taken for granted.

Clear out the blocks and old baggage that get in the way.

Heal from old relationship injuries that keep you from getting close to others.

See the warning signs before you invest too much in a relationship.

Decide early in the relationship whether a partner is a good fit.

Make effective changes in your current relationship.

Identify the places where your relationship needs some work. Learn effective tools to make changes.

Grieve the loss of past relationships.

Sometimes our past relationships can hurt our present relationships.

Use a skilled guide to help you make sense of it and figure out what to do next.

We will explore solutions together.

My role in counseling is to help you work through the challenges that life presents. I will help you come up with a variety of ideas, consider other perspectives, and then work with you as you make ideas that work best for you.

I am unlikely to sit quietly listening when we can tear apart the issue and brainstorm how to change it. I might even give an opinion about which solutions seem to best fit your values and personality.

What to Expect

Each step of the way will be tailored to meet your needs, but here is a general outline of how therapy will progress.



Find out more about how to start therapy, my counseling style, and what to expect during counseling. Ask any questions you have about counseling. If we both think it is a good fit, we will schedule your first appointment.



During the first appointment, you tell me your story and what is concerning you. This helps me understand your background so I can assist you better. You will also complete a written history form.



Participate in weekly counseling to address your personal goals. Having a well-trained professional to guide you in reaching your goals can reduce the frustrations associated with working through it on your own. We start with weekly sessions and move to bi-weekly and monthly as you feel more confident.



We will schedule a final session at the end of your therapy work. We use this session to wrap up any unfinished work, set goals for your work outside of therapy, celebrate your progress, and talk about symptoms or behaviors that indicate that you should return to counseling in the future.

Where can you turn to for more information?


Get answers to many common questions with regards to counseling.


Whether you are using insurance or paying out of pocket, you probably have questions.

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