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Couples Counseling

Remember When…

Maybe you were thunderstruck. Or maybe love crept in slowly for you. You were excited because you met the person who would be by your side, making life more enjoyable and successful. Your partner. You made a commitment to that person and that relationship.

What about Now?

Your relationship
is not how you pictured it would be.

You are wondering where things got off track.

Maybe things are not terrible, but you experience more ups and downs than you thought you would. Perhaps you question if your relationship is normal. And normal might be bad news because you thought you guys had something really special.

We all know that couples have their ups and downs, but…

Sometimes it is hard to make sense of how the cycles work. What are normal ups and downs, and what are issues that need to be addressed?

Maybe you are stuck while trying to solve a particular issue and it comes up again and again. Perhaps you get along most of the time, but when you argue things go off the rails and you spend a lot of time recovering from the argument.

Maybe you don’t feel heard and understood by your partner, and you are concerned that you might have committed to a lifetime of loneliness.

What can you do about it?

If any of this sounds like your relationship, now is the time to make changes. It is much easier to fix a relationship problem early on rather than to repair the relationship after years of struggling with this issue or in the face of a major crisis. Right now, you have more options to make changes than you will in the future.

Those who are most successful in couples counseling are couples who are ready to try something new. Most relationships don’t need a complete overhaul; they need small course corrections. Small changes add up to huge differences over time.

For most people, their straightest path to change is with support. Choose the therapist with specialized training to work with couples. I help couples like you reconnect and claim the love that you want. You will learn how to work through any problem, not just the problems you are facing today. We will figure out how to grow your relationship through conflict. Every couple finds their own path through difficulties, but I can help you thoughtfully explore the options until we find the tools that work best for you.

What to Expect:

Couples counseling follows several steps from intake to termination. You have some options to tailor your experience to the needs of your relationship. The goals we set will be specific to your unique relationship.



Schedule a free phone consultation. You can ask any questions that you have and learn more about couples counseling and how it applies to you.



Complete a 3-session Relationship Assessment.

Choose intake method:
1. Quick start
2. Traditional



During counseling, we use the goals developed in the assessment to make real changes in your relationship. We meet weekly until you start to regularly implement the new skills and behaviors at home. Once you develop good relationship habits, we meet monthly to support the changes.



At the end of your therapy work, we will schedule a final session. We use this session to wrap up any unfinished work, set goals for your work outside of therapy, celebrate progress, and talk about warning signs that suggest returning to counseling. After counseling, some couples opt for periodic check-ins for long-term accountability.

Relationship Assessment consists of:

1. A Couples Interview
2. Individual Interviews
3. A Relationship Assessment
4. A Personal History Questionnaire
5. A Feedback and goal setting session

Quick Start or Traditional Intake

What’s the difference between the two intake methods?

Quickstart Intake

Schedule a 3-hour intensive assessment. You will complete the written and online assessment prior to the appointment.

This option is good for couples:
◘ Who are in crisis
◘ Who want to get started making real changes right away
◘ Who find a lengthy assessment process frustrating
◘ Who want an assessment only

Traditional Intake

Schedule weekly sessions to complete the assessment process. It often takes a couple of weeks to work through the assessment steps. This option is the most likely to be covered by insurance. Once the assessment is complete, we will use the goals as a roadmap in counseling.

This option is good for couples:
◘ Who want to stay with their insurance
◘ Are not in immediate crisis, but are ready to start counseling with their partner.

You find answers to many of your questions here:


Get the answers to many common questions about counseling and insurance.


Whether you are using insurance or paying out of pocket, you probably have questions.

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