14 E. Grafton Rd, Fairmont, WV 26554
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The office is designed to help you feel at peace. Even though I am currently doing all sessions online during the pandemic to keep everyone safe, Timko Counseling Services maintains a physical office as well.

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Conveniently Located in Fairmont, WV


14 E. Grafton Road, Suite A, Fairmont WV 26554


+1 304 534-8227


+1 304 534-3535

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Why isn’t there a contact form on the site?

Many sites use a “Contact Us” form on their site to provide you with a means to reach out to the site owner to provide them with additional information or to get on a mailing list. Let me try and answer your questions:

1. Timko Counseling Services, LLC doesn’t have a mailing list. If you would like to be more involved with postings, at your own discretion, you may follow Timko Counseling Services, LLC on Facebook. I post lives and periodic inspiring information for couples and individuals.

2. I am frequently in services with clients and do not want to have someone expecting an immediate or timely response to a web form submission or request. The ideal way to reach out to me is to schedule a free consultation to discuss your counseling needs. You will get one on one time to ask any questions you may have and neither of us will be sitting around waiting for the other to respond during my other sessions.

3. As a mental health provider, it is my responsibility to ensure that your personal health information (PHI) remains secure in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Having an open text form on the webpage could enable that security to be violated. I provide secure means of scheduling and communications instead. Please be aware that email communicaitons are sent in “clear text” and readable in transit. Emails are not considred a secure method of communications.

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