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Meet Cheri

My mission is to reduce the divorce rate and help all couples have great relationships

I will fight for your relationship

I will work to help you improve your relationship as long as you want me to. My job is to provide a roadmap of how to improve things and to instill hope that things can really get better. I am thoroughly committed to helping every couple have a great relationship. Each couple is different and has different needs but you really can have a great relationship with your current partner.

I love the challenge and creativity necessary to find the right tools to help a couple work through an issue. I am constantly reading and learning new skills to teach to clients. If you work with me during two different time periods, I will have instituted new ideas into counseling, so you will be exposed to new tools and techniques.

My Mission

I believe that a healthy and satisfying marriage is key to having a great life. I am dedicated to teaching the skills of having a great marriage using research-based methods of counseling and psychoeducation.  My purpose and goal is to reduce the divorce rate in the region and beyond.

There are many routes to the destination of having a great relationship, and my job is to help you find one that makes the most sense for you. My strengths are:
• the ability to look at a problem from several perspectives
• the desire to tear a problem apart and find good solutions to fix it
• lots of training focusing on individuals, as well as couples
• almost 20 years specializing in helping couples find their way to having great relationships.

Traditional bio info

I grew up in the DC/Baltimore area. I studied psychology at the University of Maryland, College Park for my bachelors degree and at the University of Baltimore for my masters degree. My family and I moved to the Fairmont area in 2009. I live with my husband of 20 years and three children.

In 2011, I established Timko Counseling Services, LLC. This was my second successful private practice counseling business. The current location at 14 East Grafton Road is the third location I’ve been in within Fairmont.

I bring 15 years of private practice experience as well as 25 years of overall mental health counseling services to the community.

A lifelong learner, I have extensively studied the work of several prominent relationship experts in Counseling that includes the following:
– John and Julie Gottman
– Brene Brown
– Harriet Lerner

I am certified in Relationship Enhancement and am the only Certified Gottman Therapist in West Virginia. In addition to running Timko Counseling Services, LLC, I homeschool my children, raise chickens, and am a traditional foodie.

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Services Offered

I specialize in helping couples and individuals have great relationships. Click on one of the areas below to learn more.


Need help working with your spouse or significant other? Want to rekindle the love and closeness you used to have? New couples and long-term partners can use various tools and techniques to help them reconnect with the most important people in our lives. Click the link below to find out more.



Life is hard. Friends, family, and work cause us undue stress that we need to work through. You may need someone who can help you step back from life’s issues and put things into a different perspective. You will develop strategies to work through stressful situations.



Counseling for couples whose marriage is in trouble. Are you worried that you are headed towards divorce and want to fix it before things go too far? This is the counseling you and your spouse need to get things back on track. Call me to find out how to get started immediately.


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